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Rainbow Stacking Tower

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Sorting in order: stacking rings depend on size order from big size to small size.
Sorting in reverse order: stacking rings depend on reverse size order from small size to big size.
Sorting in random order: stacking rings depend on random size order, like small, big, bigger, small, and so on.
Play like Bowling: Put a ring vertically on the top of a lie ring, stacking like blocks. Then use the roller ball to attack them. Super fun!
Peek-a-boo: You can pick up two large rings with their hands to cover their eyes and then open their hands to tease your little one.

Educational Stacker Toy: 7 colorful stacking rings to stack, sort, nest, and snap together. Perfect for 12 months baby to learn size, shape, color, and count numbers. Bright colored designs can increase visual perception skill.
Child-safe Materials: This wooden stacking toy is made from durable and non-toxic material. NO BPA, NO PVC, NO Phthalate. Well-polished surfaces and round edges, very comfortable for the toddler to touch.
Easy to Grap: Wooden pieces stack on a solid-wood rocking base. Suitable size for toddler's little hand to grab. The early development toys help babies build early fine motor skills and hand-eye corroboration.
Fun to Play: Inspiring your baby's imagination and creativity. Strengthen their hands-on, screen-free play experience.
Great Gift for 1 Year Old and Up: Bold colors can attract a toddler's attention immediately. Concentrating on the stacker toy, 1-2 years old can play at home happily. Developing babies' logical mathematics, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Customer Reviews

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Vanessa Valdez
Great for motor skills and teaching colours

I like this stacking toy because it's helped to teach colours and numbers, along with having my 18-month-old practise his fine motor skills. The stacking spine also bends at the base and with the ball covering the top, it's been a lot safer than an older stacking toy we used to have.