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Rough/ Smooth Boards

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Rough/ Smooth Board come with everything you need. 13 pieces in total and a perfectly crafted carrying box.

Three rectangular boards:
Rough and Smooth Board 1
One divided into two halves: the first half is polished and the second half is covered in sandpaper.
Rough and Smooth Board 2
One divided into ten strips: five strips are polished and five strips are covered in sandpaper as with the previous one.
Rough and Smooth Board 3
One divided into five strips from very rough to nearly smooth, starting with the same grade of sandpaper that is used in the previous boards (the sandpaper then in gradations of roughness).

The first board provides a contrast of rough and smooth.
The second is used to coordinate finger movements.
The third introduces gradation from rough to smooth
This set of 3 boards forms the introductory materials for development of the tactile sense and prepares the hand for writing. The first board introduces the contrast of rough and smooth. The second board helps to coordinate finger movement and builds dexterity. The third board introduces gradations of texture from fine to coarse.