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Teaching Aid 1-100 Colour

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Perfect educational materials for preschool, elementary, kindergarten. Perfect educational toy to teach your children or pupils to count from 1 to 100. Help them to reinforce the sequence of 1 to 100.
Included A 100-grid board, A control board, 1-100 wooden number cards, and A storage box. Great for 2-7 years old children to learn counting and numbers. Please note that the Montessori hundred board has small size, especially designed for toddlers, easy for them to grasp, so it would be a little smaller than you expected them to be. So babies need more supervision when playing the hundred board.

Educational purposes:
1. Direct purpose: recognize and be able to count positive numbers, count down to 100.
2. Indirect purpose: Introduce interval counts to develop children's concentration and patience.

Montessori Hundred Boards are made of high quality wood, lightweight and sturdy, very safe, environmentally friendly. 100 grid board (L: 9.2" W: 9.2" H: 0.43") Cards (L: 0.78" W: 0.78"). Portable size appropriate for outdoors, classroom and home use, convenient to carry around.